Prof Tolly Mbwette

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Prof. Tolly Salvatory Augustin Mbwette is a Vice Chancellor of the Open University of Tanzania and currently the chairman of the ACDE. He has been widely involved in formulation of a number of National ICT policies and Master plans in the higher education sector apart from his involvement in the school mapping project for Primary schools in Tanzania. Prof. Mbwette has been involved in re-designing organizational structures of a number of institutions and companies. He has led teams involved in institutional development of ten different Tanzanian and four regional institutions, the largest of which was AICAD research institute funded by JICA and East African Governments for East Africa based in Kenya as well as The National University of Rwanda.

He has over the last twenty five years been a team leader of multi-disciplinary research and consulting teams responsible for treatment of both drinking and wastewater treatment systems that rely on bio-systems. He has a broad experience in management of higher education institutions initially through being an Associate Dean responsible for Research, Publications and Postgraduate Studies in the former Faculty of Engineering at University of Dar es Salaam, a Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) and a Vice Chancellor at OUT. Prof. Mbwette has also participated and is involved in a number of co-operation programmes in Africa ranging from East, Central and Southern Africa. He is the former Chairman of the IUCEA and the TERNET Council. Currently, he is the Vice Chairman of ACDE, an African Wide Organisation based in Nairobi

Prof Mbwette has been involved in the planning and implementation of ICT Projects in Tanzania as well as in other Countries like Ethiopia and Yemen. He holds a PhD and a Masters degree in Civil Engineering. He also has a BSc. Engineering (Hons) degree specialized in Civil Engineering and a Postgraduate Diploma (Masters Equivalent) in Sanitary Engineering (with Distinction) from IHE, The Netherlands. Moreover, Prof. Mbwette has a vast experience in working with a number of public and private higher education institutions within and outside the country. In most of the work experiences, Prof. Mbwette has played the role of either a Team leader or a Coordinator thus clearly demonstrating his ability to work with a variety of experts.
Address: Vice Chancellor
Open University of Tanzania,
P.O. Box 23409,
Dare es Salaam
Tel:  +255-22-266 8 445
Fax:  +255-22-266 8 759