Harry Potter Chess Sets

The Harry Potter themed chess set is a set that shows the players what the Hogwarts magical environment feels like on a chessboard. The game of chess was indeed part of the movie plot when Ron had to play the mighty designed pieces and sacrifice himself in order for Harmione and Harry Potter to go ahead and stop Voldemort.

A person can play the Harry Potter chess sets without losing any special friend unlike the themed movie; it’s only a brain enhancing game. Although there are many Harry Potter chess sets in the market but the few listed below are of best quality.

Harry Potter Chess Set

Hogwarts House Quidditch Chess set by Noble Collection:

This brand comes with the set of chess pieces having a theme that resembles the houses at Hogwarts school of magic including; Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. The design of the pawns in the game then carry the banner of each of the houses, there are usually four complete sets of playing pieces that represent each house at Hogwarts.

Anyone can choose their favorite set having the pawn designed with the signature colours of the houses, while the ranked pieces have very creative designs to resemble notable characters. The theme design is engraved on 24 karat gold and solid hardwood.

Accio Harry Potter Chess Set:

This chess set has become very popular as the best set that represents the actual game of chess displayed in the movie. It has shown even more real combination of the movie and the game of chess than what meets the eyes of some players. This chess set is the best gift you can offer a chess enthusiast who enjoyed the Harry Potter book and movie.

The design of the pieces are made of gold and white colours, and gold and dark colours. While many themed chess try to represent characters in the movie, this chess set focuses on representing the particular chess game in the movie. This design gives fans the opportunity to save the day without endangering anything.

Final Challenge Chess Set by Noble Collection:

This is a 20 inches square chessboard that hold chess pieces that are between 2.5 inches tall for the pawns and 5.5 inches tall for the King. The theme is a subtle extraction from the main Harry Potter movie; and just to inform you, it does not destroy any captured pieces.

This chess set has a plexiglass chessboard and the pieces are mainly white having tints of light gold, and black having tints of light silver. The display of this set in any space is a beautiful sight, and it will definitely attract anyone who sees it for the first time.

Going for the Harry Potter chess sets is an excellent decision; since the book and movie was a best seller, it will most definitely encourage new friends to begin their journey in the chess world. Owning one of these chess sets would garner you all the confidence to win at the board.