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ACDE Conference 2011

The Open University of Tanzania hosted the third Conference and General Assembly, which took take place from 12-15 July, 2011. The Conference was supported by the government, private sector and the general public. The theme selected  for the 2011 Conference was "Bridging the Development Gap in Africa through Open and Distance Learning". 

ACDE Conference 2008

The 2nd African Council for Distance Education Conference and General Assembly was successfully hosted by the National Open University of Nigeria from July 8 to 11 2008. The conference which attracted over 350 participants from five continents and 29 countries comprising experts, policy makers, and stakeholders, featured 15 distinguished speakers. The theme of the conference, Open and Distance Learning for Sustainable Development was adequately addressed by all the speakers from a wide range of perspectives including National development, Information technology, Capacity building, Quality assurance, Teacher development, and contribution to realizing the MDGs and EFA goals. The outcomes of the conference met all the objectives of the conference as it:

  • confirmed the fact that the open and distance education has come of age and has indeed taken a centre stage in Africa
  • provided a platform for education experts and practitioners to network, relate, and collaborate with international policy makers; and
  • laid the foundation for open and distance learning to be used as a veritable tool in meeting the MDGs, EFA goals, eradicating poverty, bridging gender and digital gaps through providing mass access to education.
  • The programme had a wide variety of presentations spread over 34 sessions with over a 130 presentations ranging from pre conference workshops, panel sessions, parallel sessions to dinner lectures. In line with true African tradition and spirit, the conference was noted for an abundance of great hospitality, good food, music and dance!

More information about the workshop can be accessed from here»

ACDE Inaugural Conference and General Assembly 2005

The ACDE held its inaugural Conference and General Assembly in August, 2005, at the University of South Africa (UNISA) in Pretoria. The conference  was convened under the theme “The Mobilization of African Leaderships: Policies, Strategies and Partnerships”. The occasion was attended by more than 250 delegates from Africa and beyond, including 10 government Ministers of Education and other high ranking policy makers, academics and ODL practitioners.  It is at this inaugural Conference and General Assembly that the ACDE Constitution was adopted.